Bahamas Liveaboard – May 12 – 18, 2018

$1690 or $1890 for Master Suite

Unlike other trips to the Bahamas...

Our Bahamas are different. We sail and dive where no one else goes. You won’t see another dive boat – or any boat some days!- for miles. We start out diving the Bimini Chain and will routinely travel to its southernmost island of Orange Cay, stopping at dive sites such as Bull Run, Nodules Wall, and Victory Reef to name a few of the abundant choices. From Orange Cay we continue south along the edge of the Grand Bahama Bank deep into Santaren Channel. These remote sites are some of our best kept secrets, dove exclusively by Juliet passengers, and host an abundance of life comparable to premier dive destinations around the world.


Sail from Miami, Florida to the Bahamas...

Juliet leaves from downtown Miami so you don’t have to worry about international flights, lost luggage on connections, or airport customs hassles. Board Juliet in Miami and you’ll be whisked away to the islands of the Bahamas, and won’t see a customs line the entire trip.


Diving in the Bahamas...

Best known for the endless visibility – thanks to the white sand and bright sun – the area of the Bahamas we dive is located close to the nutrient-rich currents of the Gulf Stream, which helps to feed the coral and keep the reefs healthy. These reefs are some of the most resilient around – they recover from storms quickly, and can survive a larger range of conditions than most other corals. They provide beautiful, safe shelters for a huge diversity of fish. Bimini is the only area of the Bahamas that can claim the combination of  mangroves providing a safe, shallow ecosystem for juveniles of every species to thrive in, and the Gulf Stream-fed reefs to give them a rich and healthy environment to live in as adults.

On the edge of the Gulf Stream are beautiful awe-inspiring walls, some starting at only 35′ (11m), some at 80′ (24m), offering dramatic drift dives when the current is running. Closer to shore are shallower patch reefs, some with heads 15′ (5m) tall and loaded with swim-throughs. There is no shortage of wrecks either (though the Bahamas can’t quite compete with the Florida Keys in this category). Some of our favorites are: the Sapona – half in, half out of the water and surrounded with fish; the Hesperus Wreck with thick schools of fish and huge Loggerhead Turtles that bed down here at night; and the Bimini Barge, where you never know what might swim in from the Gulf Stream; schools of Mahi-mahi, dolphins, once even a humpback whale was seen here!

Don’t forget about the sharks! The Bahamas –  Bimini in particular – is famous for its sharks. Look in the Paul Humann fish ID book, almost all the pictures of sharks were taken right here in Bimini. Typically you’ll see Caribbean Reef Sharks and Nurse Sharks, but its not uncommon to see Great Hammerheads, Blacktips, and Bull Sharks. We’ve even spotted a Sawtooth!

Water temperatures in the Bahamas fluctuate quite a bit during the year, so be sure to pack the appropriate wetsuits!

  • January - March: 72-76F (22-25C), 3-5mm steamer recommended
  • April - June: 77-80F (24-27C), 3mm steamer or shorty
  • July - September: 80-86F (27-30C), 3mm shorty or dive skin
  • October - December: 77-80F (24-27C) 3mm steamer or shorty


About the Juliet

Juliet is a 104′ three masted schooner that began her life as a freight boat in 1974 and was redesigned as a dive boat in 2003 with comfort and safety in mind. There are 6 private climate controlled cabins easily accessible from on deck or through the main companionway. The Main Salon seats 12 comfortably, has an entertainment center with flat screen TV, DVD library, and Sirius Radio. On deck you will find an expansive sundeck for lounging, additional seating for al fresco dining, a crow’s nest in which you can take a watch, 12 tank stations with large private gear holds where tanks are immediately refilled, and a top-side shower with plenty of hot fresh water.

Each diver receives their own personal dive station with large private gear holds, and there is a nearby deck shower with ample hot fresh water to rinse the salt off after your dive. Juliet’s aluminum 80 cubic foot tanks are “Neutral 80s” that are neutrally buoyant when empty. They are also both DIN and yoke compatible, working with all regulator configurations without the need for a personal adapter. 63 cubic foot tanks and 100 cubic foot tanks are available. The Juliet has a state-of-the-art nitrox blending system on board, pumping 32% into your tanks all week if you’re nitrox certified.

Juliet can accommodate a variety of photographers and while they don’t have a dedicated camera table, they have ample space above and below deck for amateur and professional photographers alike. There are two 50 gallon fresh water rinse bins, and large dry storage bins are available. Charging stations are located in the main salon as well as in your cabins, plus a flat screen TV with A/V hookups for reviewing your goods after the dive.

On Juliet, no one goes hungry – the cuisine on board is that irresistible. Home-cooked meals are served buffet-style, complete with delicious desserts and plenty of prepared snacks in between. Beverages – including a wide variety of beers, wines, and a full bar – are included! Have allergies? We can accommodate any and all allergies and dietary restrictions, just be sure to let us know in advance.


  • 4-5 dives per day including night dives
  • All meals & snacks
  • All beverages, including alcohol
  • Double occupancy lodging
  • Marine life presentations by on-board marine biologist

Not Included:

  • Crew tips
  • Airfare
  • Airport Transfers
  • Nitrox

Checks payable to OTR Scuba Adventure. Mailing address 1907 South East Cesar Chavez Boulevard Portland Oregon 97214. Please call 503-810-0302 if you have any questions.